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Tv++ laboratory


The Ugo Bordoni Foundation (FUB) avails itself of various laboratories, both privately owned and made available by the Higher Institute of Communications and of Information Technology (ISCOM) of the Department of Communications of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, jointly utilised by the two institutions.


Among the FUB laboratories, there is the TV++ lab. It was established between 2010 and 2011 by the TV++I project, for the investigation and trial of advanced TV services and of sentiment analysis algorithms applied to blogs and microblogs.

Main activities of the laboratory focus on:

  1. Connected TV, i.e. TV platforms connected to the Internet.
  2. Sentiment Analysis (SA) on blogs e microblogs dedicated to Italian TV programmes, where by SA we mean the application of methodologies for the detection of web users opinions.
  3. Study of interaction between traditional TV platforms and latest generation mobile devices (lik smartphones,  tablets, etc.).

In 2012, FUB and ISCOM decided jointly to continue experimentation on SA and to perform scenario analysis on connected TV. Following this decision, activities of the TV++ laboratory are continuing within the TV++II project.

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Publication date 07/09/2013