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iBike Association for sustainable mobility


The mission of iBike is to conduct research activities finalized to technological and social progress. In particular, the association studies and develops innovative solutions for the promotion of eco-sustainable mobility, with a specific focus on encouraging people to use electric vehicles.


iBike research activities focus on the design and implementation of integrated hardware/software systems that will improve the overall user experience of electric vehicles, encouraging their use and highlighting their environmental and economical benefits.

App diagnosticApp diagnosticAt the same time the promotion of electric vehicles has the objective to expand the base of users. This result is pursued by the association creating software systems that allow users to share their experiences on social platforms. In this way, even users not directly committed to ecological issues can get information about how useful and convenient eco-sustainable transport can be.

Creating a community sharing a common passion for ecology helps promoting and spreading the use of electric bicycle as a means of urban transport, giving a significant contribution to the solution of typical problems of urban mobility such as environmental impact, social costs, damage to heritage, circulation problems and related charges. The major difficulties in developing complex systems, such as the one envisaged by iBike, arise from the need of bringing together all the different skills necessary to obtain a truly innovative product.

Web diagnosticWeb diagnosticFor this reason, the team is composed of people under 30 with academic background in electrical engineering and computer engineering with specific competences on software design, electronic design, cloud computing and data mining algorithms.

The innovative character of the activities lies in the level of integration of the different tools involved. Innovation pertains electronics, in particular diagnostic boards in batteries, processes, for remote control of vehicles, and information handling, through big data analysis systems. Moreover data storage and remote communication exploit modern cloud architectures.

The association's research activities support the efforts of local and national government agencies for the implementation of policies aimed at improving the quality of urban environment in terms of mobility. The range of skills involved and the effectiveness of proposed solutions are expanded establishing partnerships with industry players, such as Sitael SpA, which support the realization of hardware and the large scale production.

Publication date 06/28/2013