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National Institute of High Mathematic "F. Severi"


The specificity and the role of INdAM are based on voluntary participation in the management and implementation of the research activities of the Institute by the Italian mathematicians, which constitute the scientific community, with the support on national research Groups and INdAM research units. INdAM coordinates scientific research and higher education projects, in keeping with European directives and sharing tools and objectives with researchers and mathematical structures of universities and research institutions.


The mission statement of the Institute may be summarized as follows:

  • To promote the training of researchers in Mathematics, at the national and international level, in particular to complement the training potential of the Italian universities.
  • To develop research in pure and applied mathematics, especially in the developing branches, and to promote the transfer of knowledge to technological applications.
  • To promote close and sustained contact between Italian and international mathematical research, in particular by participating in programs within the framework of the European Union.

These objectives are achieved through the following programs:

- National Research Groups Program
The INdAM four National Research Groups, for which there is a very high number of participants, are one of the main instruments to ensure the participation of the Italian mathematicians in national and international scientific activity:

  • National Group for mathematical analysis, probability and their applications;
  • National Group for mathematical physics;
  • National Group for Scientific Computation;
  • National Group for Algebraic and Geometric Structures and their Applications.

 - The Fellowships Program
One of the most important factors for the progress of the scientific research is the quality and the high level of the training of the researchers. Hence the objective of improving the number and the quality of  young  researchers in mathematics  completely fits into the INdAM mission:

  • Graduate level, through programs of fellowships for students at the ‘laurea’ level of study and for students at “laurea magistrale” level.
  • Doctoral level, through the program for visiting professors that teach a course of at least twenty-four hours for the Doctorate of the Italian Universities and a doctoral fellowships program for foreigner students.
  • Post-doctoral level, through the program “assegni di collaborazione ad attività di ricerca” and a fellowships program for advanced researchers.

- European Program INdAM-COFUND
Within the 7° Framework Programme of the European Community INdAM has received co-funding for the European project:

  • INdAM-COFUND (INdAM FELLOWSHIPS IN MATHEMATICS AND / OR APPLICATIONS FOR EXPERIENCED RESEARCHERS COFUNDED BY MARIE CURIE ACTIONS),  a program for advanced researchers that provides the award of nine fellowships per year, for the period 2011-2014.
  • INdAM-COFUND-2012, that is the continuation and implementation of the project INdAM-COFUND and consists of a program for advanced researchers that provides the award of 10 fellowships per year, for the period 2013-2017.

- Intensive Periods,  Workshops,  Scientific Meetings and “Giornata INdAM” Program
INdAM organizes a large variety of scientific activity with Italian and foreign mathematicians. These activities may have different duration and different number of participants.
Each workshop is organized by two directors, consists of lectures and short lecture series on clearly defined topics and involves established specialists and promising young researchers. INdAM organizes periods of one week of study and research on a specific topic where cycles of lectures are given mainly by invited persons, but the results of other participants are also presented.
INdAM moreover organizes intensive periods (one to several weeks) of study and research on a specific topic with the participation, for the whole period, of about twenty invited researchers, at least 10 of them from abroad. Other researchers may be admitted on request, in particular young researchers and Italian professors during a sabbatical year.
During these periods there are cycles of conferences, mainly by invited people, but also presentation of results of other participants.
The “Giornata INdAM” is a one day activity in which there are 4 general conferences on the central topics of current mathematical research.

Publication date 03/01/2013
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