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Il mestiere di ricercatore nell’avventura dell’universo e della vita

Where: Piacenza
When: 12/01/2018

The adventure of the origins of the universe observed from the world’s largest and most prestigious physics laboratory. 


This is the theme of a meeting – attendance is free of charge – with the Director General of CERN in Geneva Fabiola Gianotti, which will take place at the Teatro Municipale in Piacenza on 1 December 2018. 

The highlight of the event will be a lecture by Fabiola Gianotti, the first female Director General of CERN and prominent figure in the scientific world, included by  Forbes in its top 100 influential women list.

Contributions will also be made by Telmo Pievani, from University of Padua, on the enigmas of the evolution of life on Earth, and Paolo Soffientini, researcher at the FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM), who will talk about the relationship between the profession of researcher and the passion for music. 

The event is organized by the Italian Federation of the Scientific and Technical Associations (FAST) and the Italian Association of Science Journalists (UGIS) with the support of Fondazione di Piacenza e Vigevano. The initiative was promoted in celebration of the 110th anniversary of the birth of Edoardo Amaldi, ‘prominent son’ of Piacenza and internationally respected figure who played a key role for the development of science in Europe.

For further information, updates and registration form, visit the FAST website. 

Publication date 11/21/2018
Source Fast
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