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How big data is changing science and our description of the Universe

Where: Napoli
When: 11/28/2018

On 28 November 2018, Città della Scienza in Naples will host the event entitled: “Come i big data stanno cambiando la scienza e la nostra descrizione dell'Universo”, organized within a cycle of seminars in physics, under a collaboration between INFN-National Institute for Nuclear Physics and the Department of Physics of the Federico II University of Naples.

The event aims at showing possible future scenarios in a world that is becoming increasingly digitalized and driven by big data, where each citizen – by using their mobiles, social networks and the web network – produces continuous digital signals that identify and define their lives.  

The seminar will focus on the combination of big data and artificial intelligence, which is expected to make about 50% of the current jobs disappear over the next few decades. The event will be held by Giuseppe Longo from the Federico II University of Naples.


Publication date 11/22/2018
Source Città della Scienza