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CNR exhibition in Ancona on “Vito Volterra. The courage of science”

Where: Ancona
When: 05/12/2017 - 09/30/2017

The exhibition of the National Research Council–CNR Vito Volterra. Il coraggio della scienza, hosted by the fourth edition of Your Future Festival will be open until 30 September, at Aula Magna of Ateneo del Polo Universitario Monte Dago – Polytechnics University of Marche.

The exhibition retraces the crucial steps in the life of scientist Vito Volterra, born in Ancona on 3 May 1860 and passed away in Rome in 1940. From the years of his youth – with his early studies, the chair in Pisa and his move to Rome – to his private life, with his marriage to Virginia Almagià and his stays in Ariccia’s villa; from his academic activities at the most prestigious Italian and international institutions, to his political activity as senator; from his volunteer participation in the First World War, to the setting up of CNR in 1923; from the signature of the anti-fascist intellectual manifesto, to his marginalization from the national scientific context and exclusion from public charges.

Scientist, senator, President of the National Research Council, Volterra was also President of the Italian Society for the Progress of Sciences, and President of Accademia dei Lincei. Mathematician, pioneer in the fields of functional analysis and biomathematics, he was a man of scientific influence, civil engagement, and he was capable of a strategic vision. He aimed at achieving a strong integration between university, public research, politics and industry; he considered culture as the main driver for the integrated development of society, paving the way to new investigation fields, with eyes wide open on the international context.

Publication date 07/12/2017
Source CNR
Tag Life Sciences , Physical Sciences and Engineering , Social Sciences and Humanities